How do you manage your WIP? Do you have notes scattered all the place? Do you get bright ideas only to forget them some minutes later? Do you have to strain yourself to remember the facts you promised yourself you would check? I have finished about 54,000 words of my WIP- my second novel titled “Lucky For Some, Thirteen”.  My aim is to finish this novel with about 81,000 words.

Realizing the need to get things organised, I have now started a scrap book-for want of a better description- which I plan to use to manage my WIP.  This will have sections for:

  • Ideas: To jot ideas as and when they come along. They may be used or they may not but they will all be in one place.
  • Facts To Be Checked: While writing I use tentative data which will need to be verified. All such cases will be listed here. Is it X miles from place A to place B? Does a pistol of a particular model weigh Z kg? etc
  • Plot: Macro overview of the plot with a sequence of major events in the story- from start to finish.
  • Submission: Data regarding submission norms, different possibilities, queries, synopsis and stuff like that associated with the submission process.

I have just started on this and would be happy to share how the process helped- which hopefully will be the case!