On My Reading List- H.T. Narea


Hi-Fi, yes; Wi-Fi too but Fi-Fi? In case you are foxed, Fi-Fi stands for finance fiction. In the larger ambit of the thriller genre, here comes one more- the financial thriller. More

It’s Never Too Late To Write


They say there is no age bar to be a writer. I can agree most heartily as my debut novel  “It Can’t Be You” a psychological thriller was published a few weeks before my 59th birthday. More

Improving Your Fiction

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There is no end to improvement. The more you read, the more you write. The more you write , the more you improve. Simple enough, isn’t it? In the continuing effort to improve,


The Future of Books

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Let’s face it. We have all been through it, with varying degrees of success. Some of us have welcomed the new, others have doggedly stuck on to what has served us well for decades. Giving up the old for the new is an experience which is intensely personal. There are no rules.

When it comes to the matter of books, you will hear many different experiences. Each of us have our own preferences. Here is one I particularly liked by Mark O’Connell on the inner conflict between book lover and consumer.

Showing vs Telling- A Must Read

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There are some aspects of  fiction writing  which leave the uninitiated baffled. One such is the concept of ” showing” vs “telling”. Many well-known writers have written about the need to by and large ” show” more than ” tell” in your writing. This is crucial to make what you write more interesting to your reader.


Highest Paid Authors

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Like in every other business, in writing too there are a few authors who make more money than millions of others put together! Yes, I realize that you write for the love of writing, to find an outlet for your creative talent and so on, but you might be inspired by reading this article in Forbes on  The World’s Highest Paid Authors. More

Creative Style

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‘You must be a creative sort of chap” said someone I met at a party recently. He went on to say “You writers, poets and people like that are the creative types, aren’t you?”. That set me thinking. Is writing, like any other art form, all about creativity? Are we writers more creative than others? How do we use our creativity to enhance the quality of our output, be it a poem or a novel? More

The Villain

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Enjoyed reading Pat Newcombe’s blog post on villains in her Thriller Writers Blog. I am sure you will too, especially if you like the suspense/mystery/thriller genre. This set me thinking on what I would like to see and not see in a villain!


Make Your Dialogues Count

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Books are not just about action- not even thrillers. As I write my second book “Lucky For Some, Thirteen” I am conscious of the fact that dialogues enhance the quality of your writing or bring it down. They are sometimes taken for granted. We write them any old way believing the strength of our plot will make the book sail through. This is a huge mistake.


Writing Fiction Is Hard Work!


So you want to be a fiction writer? Congratulations but so do a million others. All of them don’t make the grade. It is easy to get carried away with the images of huge success. Everyone dreams of churning out best-sellers that feature on the New York Times, getting that incredible advance that make eyes pop out and wallowing in luxury as you write from your  exclusive writer’s den in some exotic place. More

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