Another Book for Wodehouse Fans

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Article first published as “P.G.Wodehouse-A Life In Letters” Edited by Sophie Ratcliffe on Technorati. I am eagerly awaiting this new book, based on letters written by P.G.Wodehouse, edited by Sophie Ratcliffe.

Booker Prize for 2011 Goes To Julian Barnes

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Article first published as Booker Prize 2011 Goes To Julian Barnes on Technorati. There was a lot of debate this year about the criteria for judging the winner of the coveted Booker Prize. The results are out and the Booker Prize for 2011 goes to Julian Barnes.

“Words” : Guest Post by Dr. Niamh Clune


Just because I love Words…

Words are particularly difficult little creatures to organise. They have minds of their own and will misbehave if not treated with respect. Some of them have inferiority complexes! Usually, the large words engage the writer’s efforts. Then the little words feel ignored. Out of spite they will change the sense of something so subtly. This is why, out of politeness, I try to court them by avoiding the larger and more impressive words that strut across the page creating the illusion of self-importance. More

Happy Birthday, Sir Pelham!

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Article first published as Happy Birthday, Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse on Technorati.  Here’s my small tribute to a writer who I consider a genius!

Useful Checklist for Writers

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KG4JVFNS7DZN I came across this useful checklist for writers by Maria Zainab. Many of the points seem obvious but we are guilty of ignoring them in our zeal to pound out more stuff for our readers. Thank you, Maria for this comprehensive list.  It will act as an effective reminder for me as I am sure it will for many others.

What Caught My Attention

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Today I write about a few blog posts that caught my attention. They were informative to me and added to my knowledge and perspective on topics I would like to follow. The first one was an interview with  Barry Eisler in the New York Observer. Mr. Eisler speaks of how he views the future of publishing. More

“Let The Dead Stay Dead”

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Things are warming up on the NaNoWriMo front. Yes, I am ready for the National Novel Writing Month 2011. My entry will be a project which has been on my mind for some time. A thriller/mystery novel called “Let  The Dead Stay Dead”.  More

Cracking NaNoWriMo

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Article first published as Cracking NaNoWriMo on Technorati. With about twenty days left for NaNoWriMo, there’s still time for you to plan to participate and succeed. Here are my tips on “Cracking NaNoWriMo”.

NaNoWriMo 2011

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GFG2G4CUKZFE The countdown has begun. The timer at the National Novel Writing Month website showed me when I saw it last that are 27 days 4 hours left for the kick-off.  Starting, November 1, thousands of people from all over the world will set out to write 50,000 words during the calendar month of November 2011. I am as excited as most others would be.  More