I was delighted to hear that the 154th Founder’s Day celebrations of my alma mater, The Lawrence School, Lovedale,would have a unique event this year. A Book Reading Festival has been organized in which Old Lawrencians who have written books in recent years would get an opportunity to show case their writing.  On May 2 and May 3, five authors , including yours truly, will participate in this event which culminates in our formally presenting our books to the School Library.

I shall read from my debut novel, “It Can’t Be You”, a psychological thriller. It would be a great experience to read extracts at a place which inculcated in all of us a love for reading and books. I remember the fantastic library we had at School and how I developed my fascination for human psychology and the military, even in those far off days.

The other Old Lawrencians who will take part are: Badrinath Nuggehalli, batch of ’74 with “Clear Line of Fire”; Saaz Savur Aggarwal, batch of ’77 with “The Songbird On My Shoulder”;  Solayappan Lakshmanan, batch of ’82 with ” I Lost My Job But..”; and, Enakshi Choudhuri, batch of ’87 with “Naina’s Adventure.” For the record, I may add that I am the oldest of the lot being from the batch of ’67.

I hope this event will be a great success and become a regular feature in the Founders Week celebrations in future years.