Blog Moves To “Prem Rao, Story Teller.”

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We are moving! This blog effective January 7, 2014 will now be available at Prem Rao, Story Teller. This move is prompted by my attempt to consolidate all my blog posts relating to books, writing, book reviews etc in one location. Thank you for following my posts, and I hope you will continue to do so at the new site.


More on Querying

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If you want to see your novel published, the querying process is one of the first challenges that you need to deal with effectively. I don’t have the numbers, and the estimates I have read vary so much that it’s difficult to pin the number of queries literary agents receive every day.  I do know for sure they add up to a huge number. Irrespective of this number, the fact remains that the query determines whether your book project will proceed to the next stop or not. Here are a few posts from experts to supplement what I had written some days ago in a post:  “On Querying”. More