“A Toast To Plum: Celebrating P.G.Wodehouse”- An Update

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This writing project has gone for a toss! It was so dear to my heart and I had great hopes of it becoming a published book that Wodehouse fans the world over would enjoy. However, the plan seems to have become unstuck. I failed in my attempt to persuade the Trustees of the Wodehouse Estate to grant permission for its eventual publication. They didn’t seem to have been impressed by my preliminary inquiry. Perhaps I should have made out a formal book proposal. More


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I owe this post to Musab bin Noor, a member of the “Fans of P.G.Wodehouse”, a group on Facebook. He posted this link to an awesome documentary from the BBC on the Life and Works of P.G.Wodehouse.

The documentary with a commentary by Sir Terry Wogan brought back innumerable happy memories, being a Wodehouse fan for nearly fifty years. The old names, the old books, the old stories, they were all there and more! I think this is a well-balanced documentary which makes for interesting viewing. yes, it’s rather long, lasting almost an hour but like many pieces of Wodehouse, you don’t have to relish it at one go. You could dip into it once in a while when you have the time to do so.

Many have called Wodehouse an unparalleled master of his craft. I couldn’t but agree more. His use of words and language, even more than the plots, made his stories such a pleasure to read.

“A Toast To Plum- Celebrating P.G.Wodehouse”


Having been a huge fan of Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse for over 45 years, it’s not surprising that I chose to write about his works for my first foray into non-fiction. Let me explain what I have in mind. There have been many biographies about him. The ones by Frances Donaldson and Robert Crum come readily to mind. I decided to follow another route, the one taken by renowned experts like Jaggard, Garrison and Hill, which is to compile a compendium of his works. More

Another Book for Wodehouse Fans

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Article first published as “P.G.Wodehouse-A Life In Letters” Edited by Sophie Ratcliffe on Technorati. I am eagerly awaiting this new book, based on letters written by P.G.Wodehouse, edited by Sophie Ratcliffe.

Happy Birthday, Sir Pelham!

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Article first published as Happy Birthday, Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse on Technorati.  Here’s my small tribute to a writer who I consider a genius!

The Master on Writing

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To us die-hard fans of Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, he was simply The Master. I have admired his writing for over four decades now and rate him to be one of the finest writers in the English language. Sadly the milieu he wrote off is rather dated as the years speed by and many today perhaps find it difficult to relate to the more leisurely life of those times. Times may have changed but his mastery of the language and writing style remain unmatched.