T for Twitter


Amongst the many social media networks that abound these days, one that I really enjoy is (T for) Twitter. To think that this has revolutionised the way people communicate in just five years is mind-boggling. Micro-blogging has caught everyone’s imagination or at least that of an estimated 200 million known Twitter users all over the world. More

Aren’t you on Twitter?

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As a relatively new author, I feel I have so much to learn from the writing community across the world. As you might know, my debut novel  It Can’t Be You was published in November 2010. I am so glad that I am on Twitter as it has given me an opportunity to interact with authors and those interested in books and writing from across the world. More

Twitter Hashtags

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Increasingly many writers, authors, readers, literary agents and publishers amongst others use Twitter. To share their thoughts and ideas, develop new perspectives, keep track of trends and chat with other like-minded folk. Their tweets are looked forward to and one follow’s someone whose  thoughts, ideas etc we enjoy by way of their tweets. They in turn may choose to follow you if they find your tweets of interest. More